Why OrthoCure Clinic

With Regenerative Medicine starting to be more widely recognized, you should seek and choose a provider carefully. Cellular therapies require a very exacting approach for the best results.


We operate under 5 main principles:

1. We are here for you. From understanding what is important to you, to making sure you get our best possible care, and returning you as safely and quickly as possible to your passions.

2. Healing vs feeling better. Feeling better can be a short term proposition that doesn’t promise lasting results. Healing plays for the long game of your life.

3. It takes a village. Our team, you, and the right supplemental providers that can help you on your healing journey.

4. More than just technique – inspiration. It’s not just in the book learning. True talent and skill come not only from experience, but inspiration and instincts.

5. The patient’s enthusiasm and collaboration are critical to healing. The more you’re actively involved in your healing, the better your results.