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About OrthoCure Clinic

When you’re hurting it can sometimes be easy to focus on just stopping the pain instead of fully fixing the problem. However, a lot of pain treatments don’t solve the underlying problem. Invasive surgery has its own concerns, including a lengthy recovery time with often less than hoped for results.

At OrthoCure Clinic our goal is to identify and heal the underlying root causes of pain and dysfunction, so you can live your life with full vitality. This is not a goal we take at all lightly, and we’d be happy to show you how we live up to it.

A true innovator, Dr. Ron Hanson leads and inspires our team to serve you. He is recognized by his peers as a leader and one of the most innovative and experienced biologic regenerative physicians with over 12 years focused on advanced cellular therapies. The regular advances he makes are focused on how to best help your body heal itself. 

  • Exclusive innovative, highly accurate guided injections
  • Unique and proprietary methods to prepare and optimize your body for tissue acquisition
  • Most complete injection paradigms to address root causes of pain and degeneration
  • Advanced laboratory processes to create autologous (your own) tissue grafts

Dr. Hanson offers full spectrum normalization and activation of neurologic function. This includes your participation in a comprehensive multi-dimensional approach to identify, address, and significantly improve your root causes of pain and dysfunction to a very high success rate.

We know this: you are not a number and you shouldn’t be treated like one. We will be deeply engaged in your personalized care. We invite you to come and tour the clinic, ask questions, tell us your story. Let us help you Heal Your Body… Live Your Best!

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A message from Dr. Hanson:

Should you find that you heal, breathe easier, walk with more vigor or enjoy more of this life in any way to your satisfaction due to our efforts, please know this:

It is an honor, a privilege and a joy to humbly serve you. Striving to be instruments in the Master Healer’s hands brings reward enough. Should you have yearning to do more—please enlighten others through living worthy of your most authentic self.

Dr. Hanson

Dr. Hanson has developed the HEALING Paradigm to guide and plan your care:

Hierarchy Through careful evaluation and analysis, we work with you to determine the correct order to progress through your treatment plan.
Environment To heal, we must consider the total body and its local environments.

Alignment, Motion & Stability The body’s motion patterns and how well it is held in place is critical to pain.

Local Bacteria Your immune system sometimes misses little invaders.

Injuries Both physical and emotional injuries need to be well understood to heal your pain.

Neurologic Dr. Hanson analyzes and treats the neurological system at five different levels.
Grade of Defect The deterioration of your tissue is another factor in your healing process.

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Pain and the limitations it causes in our lives can be deeply troubling and personal. Your healing pathway is equally as personal at OrthoCure Clinic. Together we will analyze every aspect of what causes pain in you. Drawing from our unparalleled experience in regenerative medicine combined with listening to what you believe causes your pain will begin our journey. Dr. Hanson and his staff are dedicated to understanding your perspective and working with you to achieve your desired results. We are committed to guiding you toward living free from pain.

Feeling Better vs. Healing

Symptom variations over time are thought to be related primarily to neurologic, immunologic, stability, alignment, posture, stress and hormonal variations. A multidisciplinary healing approach may optimize speed of initial response, course of healing, eventual response, and length of symptom relief. Individual results may vary.

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