3D Illustration of sacral and cervical painful, medical concept.


Tendons are the soft tissues composed primarily of collagen that connect muscles to bone. They are the anchors that transfer the mechanical force of the muscle to the bone and allows for stability or motion, depending on the function of the muscle. Tendons are particularly susceptible to injury when abnormal muscle forces exist over a long period of time or when ligaments that stabilize adjacent regions become loose or weak. Tennis elbowrotator cuffAchilles and patella tendons are common locations for problems, though they can happen in any tendon.

Physical therapy, medications, and splinting are some common treatments for tendonosis as well as a procedure called percutaneous needle tenotomy in which a needle is used to cause purposeful minor damage to the scar tissue of the tendon. This damage inflames the tendon to create a more exaggerated healing response from the body.

The most common agents used in regenerative therapy to treat tendonosis include Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and Bone Marrow Cellular Concentrate. On average, a patient seeking treatment for tendonosis will receive 1-3 injections over a three to six month period. This will provide relief for one or more years depending on the severity of tendonosis and the type of regenerative treatment used.