The OrthoCure Clinic Mission Statement

The Mission of OrthoCure Clinic is Healing People and Helping Them Enjoy a Thriving Life

We will strive to understand what is important to you…
Why you hurt, how your pain started, your goals to live your life.
We promise to listen and spend time with you

Your body is meant to heal itself, we will…
Educate you on options, create comprehensive plans, re-assess often
We promise to change course when necessary

In our quest to heal you, we will attain continual excellence in our knowledge…
Applying research, attending conferences, coordinating with colleagues
We promise to use the best research for your benefit

One comprehensive assessment yields a diagnosis, procedural skill is critical…
We have extensive experience, we innovate new solutions, we are careful
We promised to perform procedures with the utmost skill and safety, and only those that you need

Restoring and creating athletic ability will be attained by…
Assessing biomechanics, improving function, promoting rehabilitation
We promise to return you as safely and quickly as possible to your passions

Guided procedures pave the way to safe and effective interventions…
Ultrasound, fluoroscopy, arthroscopy guidance and critical tools used on your behalf
We promise to perform all procedures with excellence and safety

We are privileged to help define this emerging branch of medicine, we will…
Teach other physicians, conduct clinical research, follow our outcomes
We promise to go forward creating the safest and best options

Our staff is important to us, we will encourage them to work to their fullest ability…
Help them develop, foster mutual respect, seek to improve their lives
We promise to be one team dedicated to service your needs

We believe that we are given talents to care for and bless others…
We pray for guidance, faith is spoken here, healing includes all of you
We promise to selflessly serve you in His light

Your choices affect our effort toward healing you, we ask you to…
Be engaged, be hopeful, be positive, be patient, communicate often
We promise to utilize every means at our disposal together with you

We believe in earnestly seeking, giving, and receiving; truth, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, compassion, gratitude, and hope.

We are honored to be on your journey with you.

Heal Well!
Dr. Hanson and Staff