We invite you to read about the healing journeys of some of our patients.
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From Derinda Babcock

If you remember from an earlier post, my husband had a torn right meniscus. Local orthopedic surgeons wanted to “trim” the meniscus, but we learned that this trimming seemed to be the step preceding a knee replacement, so we sought a second opinion. Fortunately he saw Dr. Hanson on The Doctors TV show (click for YouTube video of the show). Dr. H. did not recommend trimming.

Almost three years after his prolo treatments, Dwight’s right knee remains pain-free and functioning.  So when he started feeling twinges in his left knee, we didn’t waste time with anyone else. We drove to Denver, and then flew to Minnesota last July — only an hour and twenty-seven minutes direct flight from Denver. The OrthoCure Clinic is close to the Minneapolis – St. Paul airport and the Mall of America, so we had no trouble finding him. The meniscus wasn’t torn, but the ultrasound showed inflammation and thinning of the left meniscus on the interior edge of his knee. This time, the platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP) Dr. Hanson used seemed to work within hours — certainly within a day. My husband has had no knee pain since the injections, and both he and Dr. Hanson are thrilled that maybe they got a “one and done” response to treatment. In the middle of April, we again flew to Minnesota to see if Dr. Hanson could treat hubby’s hands. Previous years as a gymnast, arthritis at the base of his thumbs and between knuckles, and hours at a time gripping a knife during game processing season increased his pain to the point his hands hurt all the time, and he had little grip. Not only did Dr. Hanson treat them with the platelet rich plasma, he also gave his knees a touch up. Ultrasound allowed Dr. Hanson to administer the regenerative agents directly to problem areas.

Dwight also received laser therapy on his hands both before and after the injections. Dr. Hanson has a Class 4 laser he uses to increase blood flow and improve the body’s chemical environment. He said he has seen a noticeable lessening in patients’ pain, a decrease in need for procedures, and a quicker healing time when he uses the laser.

From LaVonne

Dr. Hanson is a wonderful & caring doctor who treated my daughter for hip pain in Colorado. If needed, it is definitely worth considering traveling to his new clinic. Thanks so much for the update and glad to hear your husband is doing well after his treatments!

From Alexander John Zorbas in Eden Prairie, MN – Feb 20, 2019

Already have highly recommended many family and friends! In fact my mom wants to meet him, lol-Highly recommendation for sure.

From Ralph Kader in New York City, NY – Feb 04, 2019

I tried many Drs. he is the best how treated me well and cure my shoulder

From V. Fox – Jun 14, 2018

FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!!! I don’t even know where to begin. Dr. Hanson and his team are the most compassionate and caring group I have worked with. From the very first conversation, Dr. Hanson took all the time I needed to answer every single question. Scheduling was a breeze and the office is so calming, and peaceful. My 18 year old daughter has had some issues that he was able to explain in detail. This made us both very comfortable. THANK YOU Dr. Hanson and staff!

From Cindy in Boulder, CO – Sep 12, 2016

Dr. Hanson is an amazing, caring doctor who was able to diagnose issues that I had been dealing with for years. I went to four or five other doctors before going to Dr. Hanson. All of them misdiagnosed the problem. As a result, the performed treatments that had nothing to do with my condition. Dr. Hanson diagnosed the issue correctly and was then able to treat it correctly!