We invite you to read about the healing journeys of some of our patients.
Please keep in mind that individual results may vary.

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

From S.I.

I started working with Dr. Hanson because I was experiencing significant nerve and Achilles tendon pain that began shortly after I started taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics. At the time I began seeing him, the pain in my feet had persisted for more than 18 months and was significantly limiting my mobility and quality of life. The pain left me unable to exercise or walk more than short distances; even routine activities such as going to the grocery store would exceed my threshold causing the pain to flare.

Prior to Dr. Hanson, I had sought help from numerous doctors; none were able to offer a meaningful solution aside from physical therapy or pain medication, thus any improvement had only been minimal. Not only was Dr. Hanson the most knowledgable about my condition, he was able to offer “outside the box” treatment options that have been very helpful. Included were dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and non-surgical regenerative procedures unique to his practice. Since beginning treatment with Dr. Hanson, I’ve experienced significant improvement in both pain and activity levels. I’ve been able to increase my average daily step count from 2000 to 8000 steps per day and have been able to resume exercise. I’ve also been able to stop using all previously prescribed pain medication.

What impresses me most about Dr. Hanson is his unusual level of care for his patients. Not only does he listen to and respect what his patients say, but he puts significant thought into devising an individualized treatment plan that will help them most. On several occasions, he’s taken time on an evening or weekend to call me with a new idea or just to check in to see how I was progressing. Dr. Hanson is genuinely motivated by helping his patients get well and I’m thankful that he’s been able to help me.

Power Lifting

From Lisa and Tom Fahy

“I want to acknowledge two people and share a feel good story in this post. My husband Tom Fahy and Dr. Ronald Hanson and his orthopedic clinic, Orthocure. On Friday, Nov 22, Tom tore a hamstring while pulling a 715 lbs deadlift. He and I were in training for a powerlifting meet that was to be in 3 weeks. The evening of the tear, Ron kept his clinic open and diagnosed Tom with the tear (ultrsound photo) and told us to come back the next morning for PRP healing injections.

Two weeks later, a follow-up ultrasound showed the tear was 80% healed. After some massage and physical therapy, Tom started lifting again. Shortly after the tear, he thought he’d probably take a token squat and deadlift (the tear didn’t affect his benchpress). Nope. Three weeks after the tear, Tom squatted 716 lbs, deadlifted 584 lbs and bench pressed 622 lbs – A federation masters national record and was the 1st man over 50 in MN to bench over 600 lbs. in a sanctioned meet.

Although they were not the numbers he was training for and wanted, we are all amazed at this accomplishment. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Hanson for your miracle healing, your brilliance in the field and your extra hours and patience helping Tom. You have been a true blessing in our lives.”

Rotator Cuff

From Dr. Robert J. Deeb

I have been a patient of Dr. Ron Hanson and have had a repair procedure on my rotator cuff. My observation of Dr. Hanson’s work-up and diagnosis is that he is very thorough and clearly communicated my options and the procedure/s he would recommend. In addition he took the time to explain the pros and cons of the recommended procedure and gave me options to consider as alternative forms of treatment.

Upon completion of the procedure he scheduled office visits to monitor my progress and answer any additional questions that I had. I found it refreshing to find a physician that actually takes the time to go through the issues and explain what is going on and then explain step by step the process that he used to correct the problem.

I was a clinic administrator for over 30 years. I have worked with a number of physicians and have seen a variety of approaches to the practice of medicine. Dr. Hanson’s clinic is not a patient mill, he and his staff took the time to educate me about my problem and the procedure that he recommends. Upon completion of the procedure he referred me for therapy to ensure that the procedure produced the desired result. Dr. Hanson’s treatment did repair my injury and I am happy that I no longer have pain in my shoulder.

Osteoarthritis in Knee

From Bruce Freeman

I am great.  Zero pain.  My knee feels different. like its more solid, more normal, less sloppiness and movement.  Since I recovered from the bone cyst draining and first did the prolotherapy this has been the longest time of no knee pain that I can remember.  It’s wonderful.  I have not done alot of intense exercise yet, like mtn biking, mostly related to wet conditions, but I have been doing some construction work and relatively heavy lifting.  So far all is well.  I still can’t run yet but I wasn’t thinking I would this early.  I am taking a number of supplements relating to joint health, eating a great diet and sleeping very well.  I went back on the PEMF mat 3x and plan on doing more.

I was not looking for just pain relief but long term reversal of my osteoarthritis in my left knee. My first summer goal is to do my first mini triathlon with my best adventure buddy later this summer where I have to run 3 miles which would be a miracle if I don’t drown first, I’m not the best swimmer either.  I am excited about my healing and intend to completely reverse my osteo-arthritis as if it never existed.  If that requires a second round of stem cell injections I’ll be up for that.  Thank you and Dr. Hanson so much for offering this wonderful alternative to traditional lets cut that sucker off and give you a new one mentality.  With that xray showing new growth I want to go back to the surgeon and show him there are alternatives to cutting it off and instead using the innate power of self healing we all have within us.

I mentioned before about writing for your website and other media but I’ve been waiting to see how things went so I can write more realistically about my own experience with your state of the art alternative stem cell therapy and prolotherapy.  So many people could use your methods for real long term healing.

Again thank you for your dedication to these new healing modalities that tap into the power of self healing.  I believe perfect health is within all of us and its wonderful people like yourselves that help us find our tremendous self healing powers that sometimes lies dormant within us waiting for the right person to guide us in our quest for wellness.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!

Update: I believe the two stem cell injections saved my left knee. Even though I have no cartilage left and no ACL  I can still ski expert terrain all day long over 60 times a year and feel no pain. And I can mountain bike as much as I want with no pain. I am very grateful that I met Dr. Hanson with his extraordinary skills that saved my identity as an older high-level athlete.


From Rick H.

Dr. Ron Hanson came highly recommended to me.  I was searching for a solution after my orthopedic surgeon told me that I would need a shoulder replacement due to chronic deterioration of my shoulder.  At the time, my shoulder ached continually and was weak.  I was unable to play hockey, golf and yoga without being painful to my shoulder.  Dr. Hanson conducted a comprehensive examination not only of my shoulder but also my eating and exercise habits and medical history.  He really sought to understand the entire issue that he was treating.  He also spent a considerable time explaining his procedure and why it works.  The treatment on my shoulder was very successful.  After 6 weeks, I was pain free and back to my normal activity level.  I am very happy with Dr. Hanson and his treatment.  He not only was great to work with, but he was always accessible to any question that I had and would go the extra mile to coordinate with other therapists and doctors.  I would highly recommend Dr. Hanson.


From Derinda Babcock

If you remember from an earlier post, my husband had a torn right meniscus. Local orthopedic surgeons wanted to “trim” the meniscus, but we learned that this trimming seemed to be the step preceding a knee replacement, so we sought a second opinion. Fortunately he saw Dr. Hanson on The Doctors TV show (click for YouTube video of the show). Dr. H. did not recommend trimming.

Almost three years after his prolo treatments, Dwight’s right knee remains pain-free and functioning.  So when he started feeling twinges in his left knee, we didn’t waste time with anyone else. We drove to Denver, and then flew to Minnesota last July — only an hour and twenty-seven minutes direct flight from Denver. The OrthoCure Clinic is close to the Minneapolis – St. Paul airport and the Mall of America, so we had no trouble finding him. The meniscus wasn’t torn, but the ultrasound showed inflammation and thinning of the left meniscus on the interior edge of his knee. This time, the platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP) Dr. Hanson used seemed to work within hours — certainly within a day. My husband has had no knee pain since the injections, and both he and Dr. Hanson are thrilled that maybe they got a “one and done” response to treatment. In the middle of April, we again flew to Minnesota to see if Dr. Hanson could treat hubby’s hands. Previous years as a gymnast, arthritis at the base of his thumbs and between knuckles, and hours at a time gripping a knife during game processing season increased his pain to the point his hands hurt all the time, and he had little grip. Not only did Dr. Hanson treat them with the platelet rich plasma, he also gave his knees a touch up. Ultrasound allowed Dr. Hanson to administer the regenerative agents directly to problem areas.

Dwight also received laser therapy on his hands both before and after the injections. Dr. Hanson has a Class 4 laser he uses to increase blood flow and improve the body’s chemical environment. He said he has seen a noticeable lessening in patients’ pain, a decrease in need for procedures, and a quicker healing time when he uses the laser.


From LaVonne

Dr. Hanson is a wonderful & caring doctor who treated my daughter for hip pain in Colorado. If needed, it is definitely worth considering traveling to his new clinic. Thanks so much for the update and glad to hear your husband is doing well after his treatments!

From Alexander John Zorbas 

Already have highly recommended many family and friends! In fact my mom wants to meet him, lol-Highly recommendation for sure.


From Ralph Kader

I tried many Drs. he is the best how treated me well and cure my shoulder

From V. Fox

FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!!! I don’t even know where to begin. Dr. Hanson and his team are the most compassionate and caring group I have worked with. From the very first conversation, Dr. Hanson took all the time I needed to answer every single question. Scheduling was a breeze and the office is so calming, and peaceful. My 18 year old daughter has had some issues that he was able to explain in detail. This made us both very comfortable. THANK YOU Dr. Hanson and staff!

From Cindy  

Dr. Hanson is an amazing, caring doctor who was able to diagnose issues that I had been dealing with for years. I went to four or five other doctors before going to Dr. Hanson. All of them misdiagnosed the problem. As a result, the performed treatments that had nothing to do with my condition. Dr. Hanson diagnosed the issue correctly and was then able to treat it correctly!