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You will have to provide domain credentials to access the deployment share. The same would apply if the opposite were true. You just need to have the account details correct. Hey, thanks for the article. Should these be run through the task sequence on MDT or ran through the custom default profile on the win10 VM? I would run the debloat scripts during the MDT task sequence which deploys Windows. I think doing so in the image master VM would only see their return after sysprep and capture has been run.

This has been my experience. Gotcha, that makes sense. I created it and included some settings to auto configure keyboard layout, timezone, oobe skip, etc. Even after creating a new local account and signing out. That unattend. I used to use it to specify a default set of taskbar icons for all users in addition to placing a group of input language options in the taskbar as well.

The taskbar icons can now be specified in an XML file, which is used to configure the default Start menu layout for all users. Hello, I tried following this guide but the page where you select Custom or Express settings never comes up during Windows 10 install; am I missing something? What version of Windows 10 has this page during setup? That screen comes up in every install of Windows from a source where the install files and process has not been modified.

Install ISOs which use an unattended install file can be made to skip this screen. Is there a file called autounattend. At least in version of win10, this settings selection page does not appear. What has replaced it is a page asking for your region selection. If following this guide with building an image with Vmware should we even be creating an autounattend answer file and sysprepping before we capture the image? I hope i explained that ok it sounded better in my head.

Before i was editing the Autounattend file and sysprepping in the VMware image. But then i noticed that when using Deployment Workbench to capture and deploy the image that Autounattend answer file that DeploymentWorkbench has overwrites everything. The use of an autounattend answer file is optional at this point. You could use it to do a silent install of Windows, but that would skip audit mode entirely.

Once to get it out of audit mode and again during the sysprep and capture MDT task sequence. If i follow the guide and run sysprep generalize in the vmware with an autounattend. But then there is an unattend. The main reason for sysprepping with an unattend file in the first case is to copy over a customized user profile to the default user profile.

This is not required, not even suggested any more. Do i need to have the same settings in both so that my image gets deployed exactly how i had it when creating it in the VMWARE environment?

The tasks used to capture an image with MDT is usually different that a task to deploy an image. With no OS, I can just plug it into a port. Are you trying to redeploy the OS that came with your computer? I create a master image in audit mode. Sysprep with my custom unattend and then capture it into wds. I then have an unattend for the wds server which wipes drive and sets locale, etc. You can even set the wds unattend to join the domain.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Hello, This post is a follow-up or compliment to creating an image of Windows for mass-distribution Windows 7. Tools… I like to build my images in a virtual machine. Microsoft Hyper-V — Comes with x64 server versions of Windows and later , and x64 desktop versions of Windows 8 and later. STOP at this screen!

This next part of the script is entirely optional. A caveat in configuring a default user profile, even using Windows in audit mode, is that Windows cannot be personalized until it is activated. That means you will not be able to configure a wallpaper, screensaver, desktop icons, or color theme. However, if those items are to be included with a custom default user profile during sysprep, activate and make the necessary changes.

Then, add this to the script. If Windows was just activated, shut down, take a snapshot , then reboot and let Windows 10 continue in audit mode. Prepare the default user profile, the built in Administrator account, in the way the end user should have it. I would be cautious when running applications under this account to answer any first run prompts. These changes lengthen the amount of time it takes a new user to log in for the first time. As applications are run and settings configured, the user profile grows in size, quickly, going from 2MB to MB without doing much.

The larger the profile, the longer the copy process will take and lengthen an already long login process. More and more I have sought ways to provide default user settings through group policy and our endpoint management platform, BigFix.

In order for sysprep to copy the customized user profile we have configured to the default, replacing what Windows provides, there can only be one profile on Windows at the time sysprep is run.

Delete any profile from Windows, through the System applet, except for the customized profile. This also ensures that everyone who logs into a PC with this image of Windows installed will get the customized profile.

Next, create an unattend. Unattend file creation needs to be done on another, separate install of Windows 10 that is running the exact same version of Windows 10 for which the unattend. Copy the unattend. Sysprep will take its time and do its thing to generalize Windows and shut down.

Take another VM snapshot at this time and power-on the VM again. Delete the new user account, created through OOBE, and confirm that the resultant user profile being given is what the end user should have. Take yet another snapshot of the VM. Once it is, capture the image with the imaging tool of choice.

To capture an installation of Windows into MDT, connect to the deployment share with the Run dialog from the installation of Windows that is to be captured.

Select the Sysprep and Capture task that was made to create an image of Windows Leave the VM alone, and let things take their time. Depending on the size of the install on the VHD, it could take an hour or more.

A behavior specific to the builds of Windows 10 is the tendency for Windows, after being sysprepped in an MDT capture task, will not reboot into Windows PE.

It would just go back into Windows again, skipping the capture entirely. Just add:. Providing one is paying attention….

Create file PSWindowsUpdate. Run PSWindowsUpdate. Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically. Very annoying. Time to start configuring the default user profile with a GPO. Hello, That screen comes up in every install of Windows from a source where the install files and process has not been modified.

The settings screens are there. This software is specially designed to recover data from various types of data storage devices, including computer hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, SD cards, and more. These data can be both deleted and existing items.

You need to get one of these editions from the MiniTool official store according to your actual situation. Get a normal working computer to obtain this software and then refer to the following guide to build a bootable medium and start the unbootable machine from it:.

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Now, your needed data is saved to a safe place. Next, you need to create a USB bootable medium. Go to the next part the get the steps. Click to Tweet.

Go to the Windows 10 download page on the web browser. Press the Accept button to agree to the Applicable notices and license terms. In the following interface, you can select language, architecture, and edition you want to use. Select the USB flash drive option and click the Next button to continue. When you see the Your USB flash drive is ready interface, press the Finish button to end the process. After these steps, you can use this USB flash drive to perform a clean install on the computer which is bothered by Windows 10 stuck on Just a moment issue.

To perform a clean install of Windows 10 with the bootable USB flash drive, you need to follow these steps:. When entering the Windows setup interface, press the Next button to start the process. When entering the following interface, click the Install Now button to continue. If you’re upgrading an old version, you must input a genuine product key. However, if you’re reinstalling Windows 10, you can press the I don’t have a product key option to continue if your computer has been activated.

Choose a Windows 10 edition that must match your product key and press the Next button to continue. Check the I accept the license terms option and then press Next to continue. Then you need to choose where to install Windows Usually, it is a partition on Drive 0 that contains the current installation of Windows. Then, press the Delete button to remove it from the hard drive. Choose the empty partition and click on the Next button to start the installation process. After the installation, you still need to customize the out-of-box experience to create a new account and set up your environment.

Read this post to learn them and choose a proper one for OS reinstallation. When you are getting in the trouble of Windows 1 Just a moment loop, you can refer to these two solutions mentioned in this post to help you out. If you are bothered by some other issues when dealing with this issue, you can just send an email to [email protected] or let us know in the comment.



Windows 10 just a moment after sysprep free download


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How to Fix Sysprep stuck on Windows 10? – AOI Tech Solutions.Windows 10 OOBE Loop


The System Preparation tool allows users to test and deliver new installations for the Windows operating system based on an established installation. However, some users have reported that Sysprep is stuck at Just a moment screen while applying the image to a new machine.

This issue can occur due to several reasons, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the problem as it can vary depending on the machine. In this article, we have listed a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you resolve the Sysprep stuck at Just a moment issue in Windows Several users have reported that the error to have resolved after adding a name to the computer instead of leaving it blank.

Take a look at this step-by-step guide to find a solution. Windows PowerShell has stopped working? Check out this guide and fix the issue in no time. The Windows 10 Sysprep stuck at Just a moment can occur due to several reasons. Follow all the steps in this article one by one to resolve the issue with your machine.

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Read More. July 1, New Awake tool in PowerToys prevents Windows 10 from entering sleep mode PowerToys received a new update, for Windows 10, which prevents users’ devices from going into power saving modes, and keeps devices awake.

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