Dr. Ron Hanson, MD, RMSK, CAQSM, ABFM

Dr. Hanson specializes in researching, developing, and utilizing advanced cellular therapies. His passion for minimally invasive healing therapies has led him to research some of the most innovative and advanced technologies available for his patients. Dr. Hanson’s primary focus is to not only treat pain but to actually heal the root causes of the pain. He knows that true healing requires expert level care.

By providing personalized assessments and extensive examinations, in-depth imaging, precisely guided procedures, and cutting- edge regenerative agents such as platelets, growth factors & stems cells, Dr. Hanson has been able to bring the most advanced pain treatments available to his patients. When these pioneering techniques are combined synergistically with physical therapy, chiropractic, diet, hormones, supplements, emotional healing, and provided by a caring hand, a patient can truly experience optimal results.

In 2007, Dr. Hanson began performing platelet and cellular regenerative injections, a time when very few healthcare providers were performing this type of vanguard therapy. Dr. Hanson has created dozens of unique procedures and has trained over 300 physicians. He also started the first Interventional Regenerative Fellowship, and is credited with creating international clinics and unique laboratory processes throughout the country.  Dr. Hanson looks forward to learning about your unique condition, and seeing if regenerative medicine is right for you. His goal is to provide all his patients with a sense of hope and support in their body’s healing journey.